Student Success Stories


Since graduating from Community Action’s online GED program, I enrolled in Huston Tillotson University for a degree in Psychology as my Major. I am happy to announce I received my acceptance letter last week. So, in short, I am a new freshman in the ADP (Adult Degree Program) of HTU. The excitement doesn't end there. I also took your advice and suggestions for my resume revisions and applied them to my original resume. I thank you so much for working with me on that portion, it was greatly appreciated. 

With the revisions and updates on my resume, I again am happy to announce that I am also hired full time in The Center of Academic Excellence as a Technical Assistant at the same university. During my enrollment process, I was researching financial options for the courses I wished to take and let's just say, higher education is expensive. While speaking with one of the student advisors, she let me know about some openings that were at the university and encouraged me to apply. I had my final interview with the president of the university this past Friday and received a call on Tuesday with the official verbal offer for the position. This is mind-blowing for me because now I will be able to attend the university at a discounted rate as an employee. So, you see, that subject is befitting for such wonderful news. 

I thank the teachers for not only supporting me emotionally during the program but also after. I have to be honest, there were moments when I wanted to just throw in the towel with all of the obstacles that came up in my life, but your teachers would encourage me and actually got me excited about moving forward. 

I am sharing my story to encourage others to continue to push forward and the reward for perseverance is far greater than the minor setbacks they may encounter along the way. I am thankful to Community Action who poured some great things into my life and future.




I wanted to earn my GED, first to be a role model for my kids and to also prove I could do it. I started in a morning class but the times I was available changed so I switched to night classes. My biggest motivator was my kids, I couldn’t give up with them watching and there were times I wanted to give up and toss my prep book in the trash with math. I felt confident with Language arts, social studies and science during and after testing while waiting to find out if I passed or not, that was not the case with math. The first time I took the math test I was nervous I didn’t feel confident during or after that test and I did not pass. But I couldn’t give up, so I studied more. I used a program called Aztec outside of class to study more over the summer and they even got me a math tutor to help me pass! I went into my retake test feeling more confident, during the test. After the test I was a little nervous waiting for the score, but it came in and I passed! Now I’m enrolled into Penn Fosters veterinary technician program, I love animals and so I’m going for it! It’s never too late. It’s hard, but don’t give up keep pushing through because your hard work will pay off. You got this! 


Patricia's Story