Policy Council

The Head Start Program Policy Council is made up of current parents and community representatives who invest 1 hour each month to participate in discussions and decision making about the Head Start Program. The Policy Council provides opportunities for parents to take part in the planning and administering of the Head Start program in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards.

Participating in the Head Start Policy Council is an opportunity to have a positive impact on children and families and to contribute ideas towards improving the overall program.

Being a member of the Policy Council gives you the opportunity to grow as a decision maker and a leader.  Members of Policy Council represent all of the parents enrolled in the Program.  Policy Council members participate in fundamental aspects of the Head Start program such as:

Program Development
Grant Proposal Development and Approval
Budget Review and Approval
Policies and Procedures Approval
Recruitment, Selection and Enrollment Policies
Personnel Recommendations and Approval

Members of the council are elected by their respective parent committees at each center.  All parents are welcome to attend Policy Council meetings which occur monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 11:00 am via zoom.

Policy Council Training

Policy Council Members

LocationPolicy Council Member
 Hemphill Head Start
 Lydia Ramirez lydia_mtz90@hotmail.com
 Henry Bush
John Saucedo sauce_john@hotmail.com
 Bonham Head Start Joshua Romero jromero1297@gmail.com
 Luling CDC/EHS Rebecca Hernandez
 Hemphill Early Head Start
 Yahaira Gonzalez yahairag0421@icloud.com
 A Washington CDC Breanna Perez
 Lillie Belle Townsend Bianca Castillo juarezb55@yahoo.com
 Lockhart CDC Ashley Salazar
 Community Representative Flora Amaya amayaf@communityaction.com
 Community Representative Lana Wagner wagnerl@communityaction.com