Family Services & Engagement

With respect to family diversity and cultural ethnic background and in an effort to address each family’s strengths, needs and interests, our program provides comprehensive, relationship-based case management and support services to all enrolled families. Beginning at recruitment and enrollment, relationships of trust are initiated and families are oriented to the program and all the services and supports available to them. These include the following:

  • Opportunity to develop collaborative, trusting partnership with support staff

  • Completing a strengths-based Family Needs Assessment

  • Establishing child and family goals that include timelines, strategies, supports needed, and ongoing follow-up

  • Information, access, and referrals to community based services

  • Opportunity to participate in program governance, parent committees, advisory committees, or the agency-wide Board of Directors

  • Parent education opportunities that encompass a broad array of topics such as nutrition, guidance and discipline, health, safety, child growth and development, budgeting, college and career preparation, and more!


Home visits provide a prevention-based opportunity to engage family members, including fathers and grandparents, to receive early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive family support services that will enhance the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of participating children. Our program utilizes Ready Rosie as our primary Parenting Curriculum. Other curriculums are available for use as appropriate.

Community resources and services that are responsive to each family’s identified strengths, needs, and interests, are provided either directly or through a community resource. Community resource lists are updated annually and maintained within each community. These are distributed to each Head Start family at the beginning of the year or when a family begins the program. Additional resource lists are available as needed throughout the school year.

David Gonzalez
Family Services Director

(512) 396-3395 Ext. 205